firming up

OK here’s the tentative plan for most of the kids. Abby is very self-directed this year and Dorothy will be doing her Dorothy thing and learning to read. Bede expressed a desire to have stuff to do like Gilbert (a frequent motivating factor, he wants to be like Gilbert in most things) so I have some things planned for him.


  • BookShark 6+7 World History
  • Faith and Life 7
  • Saxon 7/6 and Algebra 1/2
  • Physical Science


  • BookShark 4 Condensed US History
  • Faith and Life 5
  • Saxon 3 and 5/4
  • Natural history


  • BookShark 4 Condensed US History
  • Faith and Life 4
  • Saxon 3
  • Natural history


  • Self led Social Studies (mostly continued Wikipedia devouring)
  • Faith and Life 3
  • Arithmetic review

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