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This will be my 14th year as a homeschooler. Faith will be 18 in just a few weeks, and would be a senior in high school were she attending one. And I have at least 17 years ahead of me, with Peregrine to consider. I’m not even halfway through!

This year I have, from youngest to oldest, Dorothy, Gloria, Trixie, Gilbert, Bede, and Abby. We’ve discussed it and Gloria and Trixie want to study American history this year. Gilbert is going to do some kind of world history, and Abby will be doing a patchwork. She’s learning to code, she’s writing a lot, and she wants to learn about civics. Dorothy will be learning to read and Bede will be doing whatever Bede does, magnificently.

I’m really enamored of two different homeschool curricula, both of which we’ve used before, Bookshark and Oak Meadow. (As written, they are Too Much To Do. Well, that’s not true. I don’t know about Bookshark, just Sonlight. But it was a buncha stuff.) But we are Poor. So I can’t buy a box, as much as I’d like to. Honestly, I have so many of the books already it would be silly for the American history year. I have a world history Oak Meadow book already, along with a few other junior high things. Gilbert is probably set, there. As far as the girls go, I used to have the Sonlight American history core but I sold it when we moved, like a fool! so I’ll have to buy the Instructor’s Guide from Bookshark.

Both of the programs we’ll use are literature based, so my plan is to get the books we need used, when they are needed for the whole year, and from the library when they are not. Our library system just lengthened the checkout period to a month from two weeks, so that’s actually feasible.

Sean’s job situation remains unresolved, so that’s another reason I’m glad we homeschool. He’s broadened his search to some pretty far-flung areas but I don’t have to worry about schools if we need to move. The cost of a house just one block out of a particular district or school can be remarkably less than the same house in the boundary, and so what? My gain.

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