NaBloPoMo 2017

Another well documented November on the way.

I have so many things to read. I never finished the middle grade book club book this month. (The kid who picked it can’t come to the meeting, which took the wind out of my sails.) I’m keeping up with Abby and Gilbert in American History. I have several long form articles on gender theory that are lurking in my Pocket. And I have some things to read for my book club that I haven’t even looked at.

But you know, Facebook. 

We’re using SNAP (food stamps) to keep from starvation these days, thanks to our straitened means. We could afford the utilities and the mortgage, or to eat. We’re partial to all those things, you know? We get $4 per person per day, which is a tiny bit of money to feed four teenagers as well as everyone else. So that’s also taking some time, as I make a lot of the things we used to purchase already made. Bread, pizza, cookies. And no takeout, ever, which means all meals at home, which means Rather A Lot Of Cooking. It tastes good but it’s time consuming. I’m going to get Gilbert on board as the baker of our Daily Bread.

Halloween was fun, but cold.

Now back to reading!

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