Week 22

I’m 22 weeks along now, past the halfway mark! The baby has crossed the shifting line of viability, with about a 10% chance of reasonably healthy survival if he were born this week. Not that’s it’s in the foreseeable. He seems quite happy right where he is, which is as it should be. My pregnancy app tells me he’s as big as a guinea pig, squeak kwink keek. He is quite wiggly.

I have minor pelvic pain, which will probably get worse if it’s like previous pregnancies. And heartburn, but that’s managed quite well with nightly Pepcid. All in all I’m in good shape. I have some minor twinges of anxiety about labor but I’m on top of it, no runaway panic. Sometimes it has been awful in the past.

I have an appointment with the OB on Tuesday, and then my diagnostic ultrasound a week or two after that. If the ultrasound doesn’t show any problems then I’ll be done with medical care, woo! I had a good discussion with the OB last visit and told her I was probably dropping her, given that the ultrasound was normal. She was supportive of that, and said she’d see me as long as I kept coming.

So far, so good.

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