Everyone Already Knows


She kept saying that I was “leading people to sin.” How was I leading people to sin? Because I wasn’t condemning them harshly enough, so they might think the Catholic church approved of them. They might somehow be the only people in the world who didn’t know that the Church forbids homosexual intercourse, and here I am treating them like children of God. They might somehow be the only people in the world who are brought to repentance by being treated like garbage instead of by being loved, and here I was loving them. Scandal.

I do apologize to all of my brothers and sisters, gay or otherwise, for the countless times I have stood before you wearing the icon of Christ, the human face, and not behaved in a Christlike manner. I am the worst of sinners. I am not worthy to be an icon. Please don’t ever confuse Christ with His followers. In His mercy, He comes to the weakest and worst of sinners to shame the strong, and I am weaker than most.


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