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I called the OB today and asked if my Harmony test results were in. The office manager/clerical person, a sweet and slightly breathless woman named Jessica, answered the phone.

“Oh! Sure! Um let me see if those are here… No, I’m so sorry they aren’t on your chart. But I can totally go ask the nurse if they like faxed them over and they just aren’t in the system yet!”

“That would be great, Jessica! Thank you so much!”

“Oh, um, okay! So, um, I’ll call you or have the nurse call you back.”

We hung up, and I waited. I didn’t have high hopes that I would get a callback soon, it being Friday and all. But I was wrong!


“Um, hi this is Jessica from Dr. OB’s office! I checked with the nurse and your results were there! Do you want to hear them?”

“YES! Yes please!”

“Oh my gosh this is so exciting! OK, um, well the sex is… You want to know the sex, right?”


“The sex is male.”

“Wh – wh – did you say male? It’s a boy!?!”

“Yes, a little boy!”

“Oh wow! We have eight kids and we have’t had a boy in 11 years! Oh that’s just GREAT!”

“Oh my gosh really? I am so so excited for you! And the other results all have normal numbers, no trisomy.”

“Oh good! I bet you just love making these calls, huh?”

“Um, well, actually this is the first time for me! But yes!”

And there you have it. I could barely contain myself but managed to keep the secret. I wrote it down on the paper above and sealed it up for Sean to open and announce to the kids. They were all THRILLED. They would have been happy for another sister, of course, but a little brother is just a delight after all this time.

Yay, babies!


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