Glo sweater take…?

So I knit a while on Gloria’s cardigan, and wasn’t feeling it. It seemed too big. I had modified a pattern for toddlers and done some number crunching that wasn’t working out. So I stopped and frogged the whole thing. I cast on again, bottom-up this time, and still felt like it was too big. The yarn was flashing, as variegated yarns can do, and the effect was not great. It was looking very 90s blotchy abstract sweater, not a look I was going for.

So I gave up, and I’m punishing the yarn in a plastic bag in the closet.

I ordered this instead.


Knit Picks Mighty Stitch, an acrylic/superwash wool blend. It’s got more acrylic than I typically like to work with, but I don’t mind Wool-Ease, which is similar. Everyone says it’s soft, and I like the machine washable aspect too. Gloria was thrilled with a rainbow sweater, she literally gasped when she saw the photo, so that’s good.

So, fickle knitter chronicles will continue when this arrives.

I also ordered The Knitter’s Handy Book of Top Down Sweaters so I can stop with my guessing. I have two other Handy Books and they’re so useful.


So, sometime next week I’ll begin, again, Gloria’s sweater!

This time for sure!

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