Today I installed Ubuntu! Again! My last experience with it was when Windows 8 came out, and it was so bad it made me cry. Literally. So off to Ubuntu I went.

I know this will rankle some of my more technical friends but I am not particularly fond of Ubuntu. I liked it better than Windows 8 – but I liked Windows 8.1 better than Ubuntu. I just don’t like how much fooling around I have to do to get it to work, and I don’t know where anything is, and yada yada yada, I never used it after that.

But a few months ago our house was burglarized, and several computers were stolen, mine among them. I have limped along by stealing time on the computers allocated to the children since then, but that gets old. I remembered that I had some old Windows 7 netbooks lurking in a cabinet, and I thought, hey! Ubuntu! It wasn’t so bad, right?

I spent the last two hours installing and configuring it, and I can confirm that it is indeed not that bad.

It is still a pain in the ass. Sean saw my emotions ebb and flow in realtime as I texted him things like “I think it’s working!” to “Hmm. Hit a snag.” He responded with



But I think… it works now! Good enough.

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  1. I stayed with Windows 7 and have avoided all subsequent versions, so far. Just wondering what you think of Windows 10. Have you tried and rejected Windows 10, also?

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