spoiled by Amazon Prime

Remember when you would order stuff and it would take days or weeks to arrive? Well, I have forgotten because I am so used to Amazon Prime. I bought some wool for a cardigan for Gloria, who pointed out that she has never had her own sweater, just handmedowns from her siblings. Poor little sixth child.

So I ordered some Patons Classic Wool, in colorway “Eight Year Olds Love This One,” I mean, “Commotion,” seen below:


and they said it should get here in… ten days. TEN DAYS? But I want to knit it now! Aaugh! It will be here in a week. Poor little me.

2 thoughts on “spoiled by Amazon Prime

  1. Yes, Prime rules! I’m spoiled, too. I want everything NOW! How many times have I dashed to Walmart in the middle of the night?

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