4 thoughts on “Why you might want to think twice about getting your wisdom teeth removed

  1. I agree, it’s mostly a racket. I had lost back molars in my teens, so my wisdom teeth came in just like regular teeth. Years later when I needed a fixed bridge, the dentist said I was lucky I had those teeth to attach to!

    Also a racket, removing tonsils and adenoids.

  2. I really do have an abnormally small mouth, and I put off getting my wisdom teeth removed until the pain from them was so bad I was taking pain meds to go to work. I did make it to 24 until getting them removed. Only 2 were impacted, and I would say having local anesthesia and getting them removed while awake seems to be a shockingly less expensive and damaging option than going under for the procedure. Audrey’s surgery took 3 hours and she had bruising for 2 weeks. My procedure took about an hour but most of that was anesthetic time. The actual extraction took less than 10 minutes.

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