moving around

We’re moving kids from room to room. Faith and Abby will go upstairs. Gilbert will stop sharing with Trixie and Gloria, and start rooming with Bede, who will move downstairs. Eventually Dorothy and Clementine will be in Faith and Abby’s old room, but that won’t be for a while yet. They are still sleeping in my bedroom.

I am doing the moving for a couple reasons. First, I’m afraid that Bede could die if there was a fire, upstairs alone. The only people upstairs will be Faith and Abby, who are capable of negotiating a fire escape. Second, Gilbert can’t share with Gloria and Trixie anymore. He needs to be with his brother, who has become civilized enough to room with someone in just the past few months.

Here’s what the room for the boys looks like now.



What a mess! It looks even worse than it did because everything is everywhere. We’ll move the coathooks to the entry hall and before you know it this will be a functional bedroom, instead of a catch-all junk room.

This house is quite large. We added two bedrooms when we moved, bringing the total to six. With ten people so far in the family, it’s not overly huge. It is nice to have the room! We moved from a three bedroom house to this one, two kids ago.

I’ll post after pictures too.


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