Clementine have the blue eye

Bugga tailored a dress for Clem, from long to short sleeve. (Clementine hates long sleeves.) Excuse to use the Good Camera™ and the nifty fifty lens. I have a Canon Rebel T3. It’s not the newest but it’s such a nice camera.



Dorothy too. Honestly, this camera is awesome. If you want natural light photos of kids, this is the way to go.


Faith the baby wrangler.



Snowy and cold here today. The kids want to go out in it because they are young and foolish. Well, some do. Faith woke up saying, “I’ve had it with winter. Let’s move on.” I may try to find mittens and boots to enrobe the goofs who want to  venture out, or I may not.

Faith just told me she’s baking cookies! SCORE. And I’m making meatloaf + baked potatoes for dinner. Yummy day!

ETA: post cookie crumbs!


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