Those bumGenius Elementals

Here’s one on the girl. Nice trim fit. Ain’t she cute?
Not much blog in me tonight. Friends visited and I’m tuckered. I need to make the final grocery list for the feast on Thursday.

3 thoughts on “Those bumGenius Elementals

  1. Very nice! We stocked up on prefolds and Thirsties snap wraps when first was born. We are now considering adding some solid all-in-ones into the mix. These look great!

  2. They take a long time to dry. I have machine dried them and then hung them rather than dry them twice. Tonight I just hung them without the dryer at all. I don't like to dry covers or other waterproofed items because I feel like it hastens their demise. We'll see how long it takes! You can sort of flip them inside out, so the soaker pad is against the outside instead of the inside, so the cotton dries faster. I could take a picture but I am underneath a baby ATM.

  3. Oh, and also: they wicked a little where some fabric was up against the edge of the diaper, since they are sewn with no buffer between the absorbent inner and th outer around the leg elastic. That's not a real problem, just something to be mindful of. Do you like only natural fibers in a diaper or are you also looking for stay-dry? If stay-dry is also OK, I have had good luck with the Blueberry Deluxe Pocket. If stay0-dry is not OK, they also make a bamboo/organic cotton pocket. They both have microfiber inserts, which I despise and don't use 🙂

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