Laudamus Te, and a little hat

We got the first issue of Laudamus Te today. It is so beautiful and perfect. It is truly a companion for the Extraordinary Form Mass, containing a missalette and all the propers for Advent, in Latin and English. Just perfect. I recommend all my Latin Mass peeps get a subscription posthaste.

As you can see, it is quite diminutive, about the size of a paperback book. It fits easily in a purse or pocket. The paper is smooth and white, but not glossy. It feels good. The whole thing is Good.

Anyway, get a subscription. It’s going to be a delight for us. Sean and I may need two subscriptions, in fact, so we won’t have to share!

Speaking of diminutive things, I knit this darling little hat

which is,¬†unfortunately¬†TOO little for Dorothy’s noggin. O well! I should know better than to knit form-fitting things for such a fast-growing person.

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