Bugger Wars Take Two

I just ordered some Tick Tubes. They’re cardboard tubes full of permethrin-infused cotton. Mice use the cotton for nesting material and it kills their ticks, which means it kills MY ticks.

Because we have scads of the little bloodsucking bastards.

Faith was wandering around outside, reading a Harry Potter book, and mentioned to me a few hours later that there were lots of little black bugs on her.

“What kind of bugs? How little?” I asked.

“Tiny,” she replied.

I pointed to a crumb from a sandwich. “Like that tiny?”

“Yeah, that’s about right.”

To make a long story short, fifteen minutes later I had removed 27 (TWENTY SEVEN!) deer ticks from the body of my oldest child. The poor kid! She was so brave.

So since then Sean has sprayed the yard and I’ve ordered Tick Tubes. I also got some permethrin spray for clothing and I’ll be using it on a few outfits, hereafter to be referred to as “The Trousers of Death.”

The enemy’s gate is down!

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