getting carried away

I’m getting back into the SCA. That’s the Society for Creative Anachronism,
>*…an international living history group with the aim of studying and recreating mainly Medieval European cultures and their histories before the 17th century.*


Those guys.

I used to be in the SCA as a teen. I have thought about it for a few years but decided against it because the kids were too young. They keep growing up, these kids, so I’m going to take the plunge.

The two things that tipped me over the edge were S.M. Stirling’s novels of The Change – most particularly the first three, Dies the Fire, The Protector’s War and A Meeting at Corvallis – and the plan of study for the Gleeschool this year: the Middle Ages.

So I want things like this (hold the rayon, please)

Linen Fabrics at Dharma Trading Co.

and perhaps a pair of these, with decidedly non-period soles, thanks.

Soft Star Shoes for Grown-Ups

Of course we’ll need some outerwear from this

Denver Fabrics 100% wool

or this

Wool Blankets

The plan is for me, Faith and Abby to get set up first. Then, we can see whether we like it before going all-in as a family. Bede, while very appropriately named for a historical reenactor, is maybe not so much the fan. We’ll see.

I’m glad that the period I’m interested in has nice, simple clothing. I’m leaning toward ninth century Ireland. And at this point that means everyone gets ninth century Ireland.

This is completely insane.

12 thoughts on “getting carried away

  1. No, not insane. It will be grand fun! Much more than going bowling.

  2. I'm so excited for you! And I think Faith and Abby will love it. I wish my schedule were more predictable. I would love to join, too! 🙂

  3. I've been enjoying your posts about your middles ages studies because that's where we are, too, this year, and there's a lot of crossover between our booklists. When I was gathering materials early in the summer, I got started on a huge internet rabbit trail about the SCA. I knew Sandra Dodd was heavily involved for many years, and her site started me on a major reading/clicking binge. My older girls got sucked in too, and we thought seriously about attending some SCA events/meetings in our area, but we weren't sure where to start. They've been asking about it again this week, now that we've officially started our middle ages reading lists. So this post gave me a big smile–and a wave of envy! The whole garb thing is what overwhelms me…I love the thought of it, but clothes-sewing is so far out of my wheelhouse.
    I hope you'll post pictures of your costumes!

  4. LOL!! Quilt squares = all straight seams (at least for me, so far). Clothing = SCARE THE PANTS OFF ME. 😉
    But if you're a newbie too, I feel braver! What I think I need to do is hand the machine over to the children. This could be our big project for the year…

  5. I wandered over from The Bonny Glen (Thanks, Liss!) and had to leave a comment. My husband and I have been reading Stirling's Change novels and this weekend our family went to our local Ren fair. This visit sparked many discussions about the SCA, the Change and the historical accuracy (or lack thereof) of most of the costumes we saw. We also discussed the many reasons people are drawn to the Middle Ages and to dressing in costume. So much grist for good conversation!
    I look forward to seeing your Irish costumes as I'm rather fascinated with Medieval Irish history myself.

  6. I'm tremendously excited about the whole thing.
    Aren't the Change books great! Honestly, they have 'changed' (ha, ha) the way we talk about things around here. “I don't think I want a Kindle after all. It won't work after the Change.” and so forth.
    Of course that assumes we survive at all, no mean trick. Hence the SCA! Meet new friends and then (pretend to) kill them!

  7. Phoebe, I love this. 🙂 My friend Deirdre and I have had on ongoing conversation for years about what we'll do “when the grid goes down”–sounds like the equivalent of the Change. We joke about how I have all the books about homesteading/herbal remedies/preindustrial arts and crafts (a huge collection I amassed while researching Martha and Charlotte), and I've a disassembled loom in the garage, so these assets will earn me a tent on her property, where there is an underground water supply, when the grid goes down. But all I have are the books–no actual skills. LOL.

    I'll weep over my Kindle after the Change! We can use it to hold open the pages of the homesteading books. 😉

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