Feed, by M.T. Anderson

Just read it – it was mentioned by James Sturm in Offline, his column about giving up the Internet. Or maybe it was Nicholas Carr, author of The Shallows. I can’t remember.

The ‘feed’ of the title is the internet feed reader everyone has implanted in their brains in the future. This is relevant to my interests of late in this our Digital Age.

I am favorably impressed and recommend it to anyone who likes speculative fiction in general, YA scifi and dystopia fiction specifically.

I’ll post some of my reactions in the comments so as not to spoil the book.

Feed, by M.T. Anderson

One thought on “Feed, by M.T. Anderson

  1. These are extra words so that the Recent Comment widget, which I can't disable because Sean has done something to my blog server, won't spoil anyone.
    Anderson's characterization of a teenager is well-done. Titus seems real to me. He deals with his girlfriend's illness in a very ignoble but believable fashion.
    I liked Violet's dad. He seemed faintly autistic to me.
    I wonder if the feed was drugging them all, subtly? We know it could drug them overtly when they went mal. They just seemed so complacent, more complacent even than they should have been.

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