Bede’s speech and language: June update

will you play with me?
you’re weck-ome.
ladies and gentlemen, it’s Mom! (applauds)

are all unprompted and unsolicited utterances of my oldest son, today! I think there are some changes going on in his language centers.

The other day he said “I love you too” when I said “I love you kids!” And last night we had a conversation, which is unheard (ha, ha) of.

I said “Hey, Bede. Are you tired?”

He said “No.”

I said “I’m tired. Are you sure you’re not tired?”

He said “Yeah. I am tired.” and yawned.

I said “Gloria and I are going to sit on the sofa. Do you want to sit on the sofa with us?”

He said “Yeah. I’m tired. I want to sit on the sofa.” and made no move towards the living room.

I said “Well, let’s go then, buddy,” and he was up and off to the sofa.

That’s more give and take conversation than I’ve ever had with him, I think. Mind you, he stiil sounds like a Dalek, with that charming flat autistic prosody and inflection. It’s very appealing.

Now he’s reading Calvin and Hobbes. What a cutie.

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