better with two, or even three

Faith and I went on a walk in the early evening. We retraced a route that Gilbert and I took yesterday. It’s amazing what you notice, walking. Gilbert and I discovered a small creek, hidden from the road. He was very excited, but told me we shouldn’t get in it because if we followed it we would get lost. He was gobsmacked by the realization that we could just follow it back to where we started. On TV they never do that, see. Dora gets to where she’s been yelling at everyone to hurry up to, roll credits, nick jr is just for me. He also liked finding a prickly pear patch and looking up into the Eiffel Tower-esque power tower.

Faith, having heard all about this from Gilbert, was dead set on making the same walk. She noticed a mimosa tree in full flower, some Queen Anne’s lace, and a large white flower, twisted shut, with a beautiful fragrance. On that flower we saw a spider with a white body and pale green legs. “I love nature! This is the best neighborhood.” saith she.

Bede wanted to go too. His turn tomorrow!

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