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Here’s my preliminary list of Middle Ages or so historical fiction for middle grades. We’ll start a high-tide period with some or all of these in the next month or so.

(This is just novels. We’ll also have nonfiction and some other books. When I get the final list compiled, I’ll post it too. All links go to the books’ pages on Amazon.)

400s Between the Forest and the Hills
597 Augustine Came to Kent
781 Son of Charlemagne
800s Beorn the Proud
1100s Red Falcons Of Tremoine
1167 The Red Keep
1170 If All the Swords in England
1171 The Hidden Treasure of Glaston
1200s The Magna Charta
1200s Adam of the Road
1200s Catherine, Called Birdy
1381 Crispin: The Cross of Lead
1400s The Door in the Wall

3 thoughts on “medieval historical fiction

  1. I've been working on a list for Michaelie of historical fiction for ancient history for the first half of next year. Thanks for sharing these – I had remembered a couple of the titles you showed me the other day, but now I can check them all out as a starting point for figuring out history for the second half of our school year.

  2. @candace: I enjoyed it too. I want the kids to feel like historical people were just that – people. Catherine, Called Birdy does that very well.

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