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I love midsummer. The cicadas are crooning in their robotic way, the air is viscous with heat, the days are long.

I don’t like my electric bill, which was obscenely high. I mean, it was bad. I have not been as good about hanging laundry as I could be – mostly days where it “looked cloudy” – but even accounting for that it was awful. I’ve renewed my dedication to not using the dryer and we’ll see if August’s bill is less than July’s. Dude.

In other news I’ve been geeking out over Doctor Who, listening to indie rock, and planning our school year. I’m leaning toward Teaching Textbooks for math since it’s self-taught and on the computer, both things Faith and Abby appreciate. It is a bit pricey though.

We’ve become sort of Charlotte Mason unschoolers. I coined the term “nudgeschooling” and it seems to fit. As always, it’s a journey.

How are you?

7 thoughts on “midsummer, math musings

  1. I like the term “nudgetschooling”. I feel like it’s fairly descriptive but I don’t know who Charlotte Mason is.

    Mmmm, Doctor Who. 😀

  2. I’ve been hanging my clothes on hangers in the doorways like I did pre-dryer. Works especially well if you have a fan blowing on them and the clean laundry smell fills the house

  3. Does your utility offer leveled billing? You pay the average for the last 12 months, so your bill doesn’t go up and down all year. It has helped us get through the last two summers without too much electricity drama.

  4. YOu must have thought of my woes when you posting this. Nudgeschooling I like. My Dh, not so much. Right now we are riding both sides and hoping it will work, but ds has so many ups and downs that continuity is hard. I am a bit frustrated right now and looking for a new path. Maybe school.

  5. A nudgeschooler. Thats cute. We tried that last year… but nudging was not enough.
    This year I am trying something else. School comes first; playtime, activities, and field trips come second.
    I like that math! I’ll have to look more into it. Thanks for the link.

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