The six year old is regressing and pooping and peeing on the floor again, after 2 months of not doing so.

His brother has become a pathological liar at four and a half.

The baby is infuriated at all times by our refusal to allow reckless climbing practices.

The three year old is a solid wall of either sobbing or defiance.

The nearly-eight has gained a previously unseen attitude of “OKAY! FINE!” eyeroll,  sigh.

The nine year old is either daydreaming and vapid or being a pain to the youngers.

When will the grown-ups get here to take over for me? Cause baby, I am SO OVER THIS.

8 thoughts on “rant

  1. I know this is terrible, but I tend to think of you as some kinda super mom – I’m almost relieved that you have bad days too.

    sorry about your bad day, mama. (and I do mean that, I promise! I don’t wish bad days on ya!)

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