I know it won’t be summer here in the Northern Hemisphere for a few weeks more but I can sure feel it coming. We got out the easy set pool we all loved so much last year and it’s filling up. I need a smaller blow-up pool for G-Lo cause she’s too short for the easy set. We’ll be spending some time in the pool(s) every day, if last year is any indication.

I got the big girls swimsuits from Lands’ End. They are well made and have good coverage. Highly recommend. I got them on sale and free shipping but they’re worth full price and paid shipping. I swear, swimsuits these days! I was both unsurprised yet faintly disappointed to discover that my suit from last year fits fine. It is a little big, but not enough to replace. Ah well.

4 thoughts on “summer

  1. Oh thank you Fee!!!! I’ve looked everywhere for a decent swimsuit for Lilith, and have been running short. do they run big or small? I ordered a 7 (what she wears in most everything) and hope it’s at least big enough.

  2. we bought a pop-up pool, but the big debate is whether to get a new easy set, or a membership to the OU pool. About the same either way.

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