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So, my unconditional Rule is “If I’m running the air conditioner, I won’t run the clothes dryer.” If it’s hot enough for the air to be on, it’s hot enough to dry clothes. I also hang clothes on days we don’t run the air, but I don’t feel as guilty running the dryer then. And I run the dryer exclusively from November through early March, since I don’t have an easy way to dry eight folks’ worth of clothes and cloth diapers inside.

I had planned this long rambly post about crunchy conservatism and now Trixie is being very uncooperative and loud and I can’t think at all. Pity.

Reckon that’s why I only blog once a month these days.

4 thoughts on “sustainability thoughts

  1. odd that you write this…

    I know you don’t blog much anymore, but every once in a while I think of you. Last year I remember you saying this same thing about the dryer/ac. I thought it was a great idea! and yesterday as I was loading the dryer up I thought “if I were feebee, I would be sure not to turn on the AC!”

    ok weird. I know. but I retain strange memories for some reason. and I found the whole ac/dryer idea pretty darn smart!

    1. Feeling super-glad right now we live in a climate that makes AC necessary only about one week during the year (and we don’t have it installed in our house anyway) and that hanging my clothes out to dry would essentially lead to wetter, moldy clothes. Because that’s one laundry task that is beyond me right now. Power to ya mama! Thanks for all you do!


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