Sean is my Faustine.

Sean and I celebrate Faustine’s Day, February 15, instead of Valentine’s Day. If you celebrate Faustine’s Day you get to take advantage of the fortuitous sales on lovey stuffs.

My favorite gift each year is the love poem Sean writes me. Here’s this year’s offering.

“Faustine’s Day”

Today as lovers and mating pairs
Have finished loving and mating,
And confectioners discount their wares,
‘Midst balloon bouquets deflating,
The world hath pitched its gaudy woo.

Still, in two hearts, love is rife!
I refer to yours and mine.
This day, as ever, I pledge my life,
My love, my dear Faustine,
To thee. I mean, to you.


3 thoughts on “Sean is my Faustine.

  1. Awwww, that’s cute! I need to post a pic of the valentine I made Mark, it says, “My heart, you haz it”

    I was running short on the poetic inspiration that day.

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