homemade laundry soap directions

I made this recipe because I use 5 ounce bars of soap (Dr. Bronner’s, since you ask) and I had to do the math every time, since the directions I followed used 3 oz.

So here ya go.

5 oz soap
3/4 cup borax
3/4 cup washing soda

3 gal water

Chop soap and put in a big bucket, about 5 gal. Add 1 gal hot water. Let soap dissolve (I usually just let it sit for a day or two). In sep. container add borax and washing soda to 1 gal hot water. (You can do this over the stove if you like.) Stir til it dissolves. Add to soap bucket. Add 1 gal water. Use 1/2 cup per load.

This makes about a hundred loads. Not bad!

ETA: I feel compelled to add that you must use a lid that the kids can’t get off 1. because it would make a terrible mess and 2. because if you use a big bucket, a toddler/baby can drown in it. So, you know, be careful. I keep mine in the garage next to the washer.

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5 thoughts on “homemade laundry soap directions

  1. I’m so lazy, I just didn’t add the water. So we had a powder that we put in the washing machine. It worked just as well, you put in about a tablespoon of soap.

  2. So if I made this could I use the grey wash water to water my plants or would the mix kill them?
    If I use the soap in the shower that water is safe for watering… right? What about safe grey-water dish soap? Have you a recipe for any of that goodness?

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