17 thoughts on “Haircut!

  1. Very cute! I was not thrilled when I cut my hair shorter but it is really so much easier. I haven’t had it cut since summer and it’s about time to go back to the barber and get a few inches hacked off.

  2. I love it! You look like that teenager I used to know who roamed the mall dressed in black!

    No kidding. Very cute and it suits you.


  3. It looks very nice. I’ve been contemplating cutting my own hair lately, wish I had a friend to cut it for me!

  4. It looks great, Phoebe. I just recently had my hair cut considerably shorter and it’s been very freeing. I can blow dry it in 5 minutes– when it was long it took so long to blow dry that I was just skipping the blow drying and just wearing it in a french twist all the time.

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