my weirdness, let me show you it

I’m starting calorie restriction. It increases lifespan by 30-50% in mammals. My new ticker over there isn’t quite right for my numbers, but it’ll be enough for me to keep track.

I saw a NOVA segment on it a year or so ago, but being pregnant at the time I decided it was definitely not my thing. Now, I have an (almost) eleven month old baby and no plans to get pregnant any time soon, so bring it on! Except don’t because, you know, I won’t eat any cause I’m on 2/3rds my former calories.

I used to hover at about 130 pounds with no thought at all. I know my body can easily get back to that point, and I’ll hover there again. That would give me a BMI of 18.7, which is just on the edge of underweight. Right now I’m on the other edge, at 23.5ish.

I don’t need to live forever. Just as long as I can to take care of Bede.

(I edited it because it sounded morbid before. I guess it still kind of does.)

Editing again: the ticker code is not working how I’d like, so I took it down.

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7 thoughts on “my weirdness, let me show you it

  1. i’m impressed that you’re starting during the a season celebrated with cookies! and turkeys! and big calorie stuff! good luck with it. i’m starting after christmas since there’s not much food celebration in my parts with new years. 🙂

  2. Caloreez. I counts dem.

    Measuring everything gets annoying at first, but once you’re used to it, it’s a great way to maintain portion control.

  3. CR worries me, because so much is still not known about how it works. Some are conjecturing that what looks like CR to the average American (because the average American eats more than needed for survival) is actually simply meeting the body’s basic needs, no more and no less, and that CR as defined by some (i.e. undereating) would not lead to health benefits in humans, but rather the opposite. And studies done on underweight humans do show increased risk of disease, even more so than for overweight humans (strangely to our modern way of thinking, slight overweight is actually correlated with a *decrease* in risk of some diseases, including cancer.) Undereating, if undertaken, also needs to be an all-or-nothing lifelong thing, because once a normal diet is started again (i.e. hunger is satiated) the body responds as it would to past famine, by adjusting its metabolism to become more efficient at fat storage, which makes undereating more difficult next go-round. I tell you, there is so much conflicting information that I have just given up on anything but eating the particular whole foods that make my body feel good, according to my body’s cues.

    p.s. thank you again Phoebe for the web help. xxoo

  4. I don’t know, and no 😛

    But seriously, I don’t know. Right now, I’m eating what I ate before, only 2/3rds of it. As for a sample weekly menu, ha! ha! I barely plan a meal ahead, let alone a week!

    I do take a women’s multivitamin and 2 fish oil capsules daily, though.

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