baby penguin

baby penguin, originally uploaded by feebeeglee.

We had the annual “Wearing of the Coats” afew days ago, to see who needed a new one etc. (as it turns out – nobody, this year! Found one to fit Bede, yay!)

Anyway doesn’t Gloria look all fwuffy?

2 thoughts on “baby penguin

  1. she looks just like a baby penguin! aww.

    you children are too beautiful. more pictures, please!

    we need to get out the winter stuff and start freakin’ out about it! i just know tristan has outgrown everything (like he does from time to time, that boy!) kassi will refuse anything that isnt pink or purple, and anatoly will be too big for kassi’s handmedowns (dont these kids think about these things before they grow?) but rome, well, rome will be very well dressed, because i was gifted lots & lots of baby handmedowns recently. figures- the one who wont care or even notice will be decked out!

  2. She’s so cute!!

    We did the winter stuff last week, helped with my nesting a bit.

    Everyone BUT Ava needs new pants! How could this happen? I did need a coat for Ava, I remembered last year how her little red coat was a few inches short in that last cold snap. But Sam’s Club had a lot of pink coats that were really cheapo and were cute, so I bought one of those last month (haha! when it was 97ยบ outside!)

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