the GREAT State Fair of Oklahoma!

Like every other year ya went!

Sean, Faith, Abby and Gilbert are off to the State Fair this afternoon, possibly under heavy clouds but hopefully no rain. I think this will be the first time Gilbert’s been old enough to do any rides, so I hope he has fun. He wants to ride the Ferris wheel, which he has examined for months in Go Dog Go! “Go around again!”

The girls have planned out the entire trip, I am told. Rides and food and rides and food and rides. And food. And cows and chickens.

Have fun kids!

4 thoughts on “the GREAT State Fair of Oklahoma!

  1. I noticed that the list of kids going doesn’t include Bede. Is that because you know that he would not be able to handle the fair in a way that would make the trip worth it for him? I’ve been struggling with the fact that Josh makes our family very different from other families, and I guess I’m just wondering if Bede does the same in yours. Do you find that some times are much better than others? Do you go in cycles in how well you are handling him and his challenges? Do you ever despair over your son, only to find yourself as high as the sky the next minute because of him?

    Is any of this making sense? I sincerely hope so.

  2. Kelley – in short, yes. The joy-to-despair ratio is skewed toward despair for Bede at the fair. He needs a few more years, perhaps.

    Bede does make things very different. I think this deserves its own post, actually.

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