retail therapy

I guess it’s not really therapeutic if you need it. And it’s on super sale. But aaaanyway. I bought shoes for the boys for winter from – they have some good deals if you’re not picky about specific style. Gilbert got some dragon hightops and Bede got wavy pull-ons. Now they need socks, which I confess confuse the hell out of me with their sizing. So I didn’t order any yet.

And Bede needs a coat, but I think everyone else can get by on last year or handmedowns. In theory Bede could wear a handmedown but the only ones for his size are silver and lilac or pink. And he doesn’t care, but Lord knows he gets enough looks without also getting the hairy eyeball for wearing a feminine colored coat. Boy needs a boy coat, you know? (Anything I can do to painlessly unweird Bede I do. If he insisted on the pink or silver-purple coat that’d be one thing.)

And now Faith needs the computer back!

2 thoughts on “retail therapy

  1. I’ll have to go check out that site, too. All my boys seem to have grown out of their shoes at once. Oh dear.

    Josh occasionally requests pink and/or purple things. Purple is actually his favorite color, but I, too, try to limit it to small things so he doesn’t get looked at weird. He’s got enough strikes against him without adding that, too.

  2. I have a fantastic ‘boy’ coat that is size 5. Dark khaki outer, dark brown cuff & collar with brownish plaid inside. It’s made by The Rugged Bear, 100% cotton, 2 large outer pockets & 1 inside chest pocket, heavy canvas outer, quilted flannel inner, corduroy cuffs & collar (no hood though).

    Elijah wore it once or twice last year(we had another coat that he liked better — one of those fancy coats that are like a ‘teddy bear’ inside!) and it’s been washed and dried at least once and seems to be a big size 5.

    Let me know if you are interested…freebie of course, maybe a couple bucks for shipping would be nice.

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