Autism Speaks silences autistic people, ironically

I don’t like Autism Speaks. They produced a film called Autism Every Day that interviewed the mothers of several autistic children, and while there are almost too many vile points for me to list, the very worst had to be where the mother of one of the children, with the child in the room, said she wanted to kill herself and her child, but she didn’t because she had her normal daughter to take care of.

I’m not putting words in her mouth, that’s what she said, with the object of her murderous thoughts right there in the room with her. You can google and watch the video, I don’t want to link to them. And then she said that every autism parent had had those thoughts.

So that’s how Autism Speaks feels about autism. They want to kill it – which means killing the people who are autistic, either in utero or after, it’s okay with them.

Just a few days after they released their movie of hate Karen McCarron killed her daughter Katie.

So, enough with the background on how awful Autism Speaks is.

Over at Aspieweb they’re being told that they can’t sell a t-shirt that says

“‘Autism Speaks’ can go away. I have Autism. I can speak for myself.”

because it violates a copyrighted design of Autism Speaks. Now I don’t know much about that law, but it sure seems that they can’t do that. So I’m posting about it. And later on I’m going to make a shirt available to buy.

9 thoughts on “Autism Speaks silences autistic people, ironically

  1. I got your t-shirt…I’ve always wanted one for Bre that says

    Autism Speaks…you just have to listen

  2. i sent a link to Aspieweb to the all of the teachers, 3 therapists, the principal, & the director of ed. at our school. thanks for blogging about this.

  3. Yep.. I want a tshirt too… make that two tees. I guess some parents want to have children as trophy’s or status symbols not as individuals to love and care for no matter what. Pooh on them.
    If an organization wants to help autistic kids… it only makes sense to gather information from those with firsthand experience. The people with autism. Not people (even parents) who are on the outside looking in.

  4. This makes me really angry. Please consider contacting the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) for legal help with this. They have a panel of cooperating attorneys and can sometimes offer free pro bono help in situations like this.

  5. We need to not posts blogs and stuff about this until we verify the facts. Correct me if I’m wrong, but we still don’t yet know whether this was Zazzle or was actually Autism Speaks that is calling copyright infringement.

    If it was just Zazzle, then the title of your post is incorrect and inflammatory.

    This information needs to be verified before we go accusing people/organizations of things they might not even be involved in.

    (Not trying to stand up for Autism Speaks; I have a VERY passionate dislike of that organization. However, falsely accusing AS won’t exactly help the advocacy movement. We’ll just sound irrational.)

  6. …Nevermind then… just read the other blog stating this was indeed Autism Speaks.


    Lemme know if there’s anything I can do to help. –Would love to buy a shirt at least.

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