Happy Birthday To Us

My father, father of five, grandfather of eighteen, great-grandfather of two, is 83 years old today. Wow! Way to go Dad!

Beatrice Anna was two, on the 22nd of February.

And tomorrow I shall be 34.

We all got together yesterday, along with many other family members, and had a party! It was Leap Day and seemed like a good time to have one. In years past, we had three generation birthday parties on Leap Day as well, but with a different February representative: my father’s mother, ‘Babe’, was born on February 28th.

Anyway, continuing in the grand tradition, we went to Red Lobster last night. We don’t go out to eat, ever, so it was an even bigger deal. Bede and Trixie were each given a man-to-man defense and the other kids were dealt with on a zone basis. It went well! I can sort of even remember what my food tasted like. And Gilbert and Faith both wanted broccoli instead of french fries, which I found amusing. Maybe because they get more french fries than broccoli at home, and so it seemed a treat? WHo can say.

Bede did very well until the people behind us sang Happy Birthday (to one of their party) and ate cake. He wanted their cake. “Want see cake? Okay, I getchoo CAAAKE!!” After it became apparent to him that he wasn’t going to get their cake, he switched tack to tearfully pleading “Want see let’s-go? Want see backyard?”

We left then, wondering, backyard? Huh?

Turns out he meant the parking lot, which was enclosed by stockade fencing.

Because he’s autistic and you know, they don’t notice details in their surroundings because they’re in their own little world. Yeah. And they can’t communicate  and they’re like “retards or something”.

Yeeeah. That’s it. Oh wait, that’s not it. At all.

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Us

  1. Sounds like a good time Phoebe! I am glad it went so well and that you were able to even eat…let alone remember what it tasted like! Way to go Trixie and Bede (and the family for having a great plan!
    Love, Christy

  2. Sounds like a great time! don’t you love how given the opportunity kids will often order something healthy? Last time we went out to eat, Lilith ordered macaroni and cheese and a salad. And you know what? She ate every bite!

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