baby surprise and other startlements


Gloria models her Baby Surprise Jacket, made by Trishy.

This photo is from last week, when I went to go get out of jury duty. In Oklahoma you can call in and get excused if you’re over 70. Everyone else, no dice.

So I schlepped myself and G-Lo to the courthouse. (Well, my mom schlepped us actually, so we wouldn’t have to walk from a far parking place. My mom rocks!) Oklahoma has a great law exempting breastfeeding mothers from jury duty at their request, so I wasn’t worried, but still, what a pain. I got out of it but I have to go back in June to tell them, guess what, I’m breastfeeding. Duh. I think next time I’m going with a doctor’s note and WHO guidelines saying breastfeeding should continue through the first two years at minimum. Oh and a copy of the actual LAW because the judge seemingly hadn’t ever heard of it.

Here’s where I won’t let this devolve into a rant about that. ARGH.

12 thoughts on “baby surprise and other startlements

  1. That baby makes my BSJ extra cute! What a pain in the ass. I would love to do jury duty but I dread getting called up. I wish you could volunteer when it was convenient or something.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous coat.

    I’ve been reading a blog where a woman’s been called three times in the past year, all while pregnant or nursing. Makes you wish there was a “Do Not Call” list for jury duty. Oh well, it’s good to know there’s a law.

  3. Just out of curiosity, who was the judge?

    Gloria is absolutely beautiful! (I’m not sure if I’ve told you that yet, although I’m sure it’s not the first time you’ve heard it.) =)

  4. Oh, that jacket is stunning!

    I just got out of jury duty too. It’s a little more civilized here — we can request to be excused online or by letter, and all you need to do is say you’re a full-time caregiver.

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