Of Adam, language and communication

Adam is a little boy who reminds me very much of Bede. He’s about a year older than Bede, and he’s a hyperlexic autist too.

Adam’s mother, Estee, founded the Autism Acceptance Project. Today, her blog, the Joy of Autism,┬áhas a video post entitled ‘Adam Speaks.’ Adam is minimally verbal in terms of his spoken language, but all the years of soaking in text have come to fruition quite spectacularly recently, as you can see from the video.

As always, not being able to speak is not the same as not having anything to say. Mazel tov, Adam and Estee.

2 thoughts on “Of Adam, language and communication

  1. Thanks for writing about my Adam. Adam is five and will turn six in April. Adam has been reading since he was nine months old, but is typically autistic and doesn’t speak very much. I do find that typing and talking, however, are helpful for one another.

    I want you to also know that Adam saw the video and I told him I was making it. I wouldn’t have done it if that caused him distress. However, Adam will be addressing his readers directly now. Adam was smiling when I read some congratulatory emails yesterday.

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