I knew this would happen

I went to the new yarn store with my mom yesterday. It’s lovely, and right next door to The Red Cup.

(As an aside here, Sean and I always say “Darn Red Cup, anyway!” due to their very odd hours. They’re never open when we go there. Which is, admittedly, not often at all these days. But I digress.)

So anyway, the yarn store. I didn’t buy any yarn, but I did buy an Addi Natura. I have resisted these needles for years due to the price – if I liked them I’d be looking at considerable expense.

I love it.

Did I mention they cost twice as much as the Clover needles I’ve been using? Of course they do. Argh.

4 thoughts on “I knew this would happen

  1. Have you tried the KnitPicks Harmony needles? They’re insanely cheap especially by comparison to the Addi Naturas and the cable is better. I have a bunch of AN’s and hardly use them any more if I can use my KP Harmony needles. 🙂

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