I scream, you scream…

We all scream for ice cream! Ice Cream for Breakfast Day was again a big hit.

It was a yummy morning for the Gleesons. Sadly I have no photographic record as both of my hands were in use holding Gloria (who prefers her ice cream un-iced and straight from the tap) and scarfing up my own eponymous meal.

In other news nothing much is happening beyond tending to the six. My friend Melissa came over on Thursday and swept my dining room and living room for me, which was WONDERFUL. I am able to keep up with the diapers and the other basic hygiene of the out-of-diapers crowd and well, that’s it. Housework is not even on the freaking stove, let alone the back burner. So it was so amazing to be able to walk around (for a few hours at least) on a crumb-free floor with all the laundry tamed too.

Gilbert is driving me up the wall with whiiiiiiiiiining. Everything he says is whined. Argh. Please pray for us. So far I have not said “Shut the f*** up do you hear me? You are melting my brain! STOOOOP IIIIIT!!!!” and I think I should get major points for that. Three year olds. I tell you. It will get better, it will get better, it will get better.

Oh, Faith and Abby want me to share their current favorite Internet activity: making Zimmer Twins movies.It’s pretty fun!

4 thoughts on “I scream, you scream…

  1. I remembered this year! The ds’ were very excited about having ice cream for breakfast, though ds1 was not very happy with the ice cream he chose.

    I hear you on the whiny 3 year old. I have one right here on my lap who screams whenever he wants anything because IIWANTITANDYOUMUSTGETITFORMERIGHTNOW!

  2. Aden has done the whiney thing already which i just simply do not have any patience for (you are a saint for not saying those words). I simply had to tell him i can’t hear or understand him when he talks like that and i need him to use Aden’s real voice, not whining. Which of course after all those words several times i have been able to shorten it to “Stop whining.” Of course you have probably tried everything in the world to MAKE IT STOP to no avail so i really wish you luck and send you supportive energy.


  3. jaden (my 3 yo who INSISTS she is 4) whines non-stop. and demands things. if i don’t move fast enough, she spurts out 10 demands before i’ve even had time to realize what the first demand was…it puts my brain in a spin.

    so looking forward to moving beyond this phase! i hope it goes quickly for you too.

    i’m glad gloria is having better luck with the latch. i hope that issue is resolved quickly.

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