growth spurt!

Gloria has apparently been reading up on newborn development as she is right on track for the first 7-10 day old growth spurt. Her latch and my nipple sensitivity have improved markedly in the last 48 hours – she still clicks but about half as much. Last night I put a premium prefold on her because she flooded the infant size the night before. I think I can safely say she is getting plenty to eat!

Oh she’s rolled over twice from back to stomach. Crazy!

6 thoughts on “growth spurt!

  1. Sounds like you have a little over-acheiver on your hands…lol Glad to hear about the rapid ‘overcoming’ of the latch situation. I know how hard that can be!
    Love to all of you Gleesons!

  2. She’s growing in every way possible. I guess she aims to keep up with her siblings as soon as she can!! 🙂

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