my little hacker

So. Bede continues to amaze.

We have several computers in this house. OK, more than several. We have five. One is exclusively Bede’s, one is for Faith and Abby, one is mine and two are Sean’s (the old Mac and the new Mac.) Bede has been using the computer since he was two years old and taught himself to read and it is a necessary item for him. He will likely favor typed and written communication over spoken for the rest of his life. He loves the computer. LOVES.

He generally confines himself to his machine, leaving the girls’ computer alone (all the family computers are in the livingroom.)  But sometimes he wanders over and fools with theirs. I’ve never worried because I had passwords on the accounts, so what could he do, right? He wouldn’t hurt their stuff, but he might rearrange favorites, or rename files on their desktop, or in some other way be pesky and little brother like on their account. ANd mine needed to be secure because it’s administrator level and he could really screw something up.

He hacked the passwords.

From a combination of watching us type them and sheer luck, he figured out what they were and was delightedly clicking about on the girls’ account. As I said to a friend, HE IS FOUR YEARS OLD. FOUR, people!

I think we’re in real trouble here. Let’s hope he uses his powers for good instead of evil.

7 thoughts on “my little hacker

  1. Candace, Sean had the same thought. He said “Let’s get that whole pooping thing sorted out so I can put the boy to work!”

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