Presidential Candidate Quiz

70% John McCain
70% Mitt Romney
68% Fred Thompson
67% Tom Tancredo
63% Mike Huckabee
55% Ron Paul
48% Rudy Giuliani
47% Chris Dodd
46% Hillary Clinton
45% Bill Richardson
45% John Edwards
44% Barack Obama
36% Joe Biden
30% Mike Gravel
25% Dennis Kucinich

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

Well, that’s interesting. Now all my friends who have results flipped from mine are thinking “How can she like those guys???”

I’m a riddle wrapped in a mystery wearing a vest.

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7 thoughts on “Presidential Candidate Quiz

  1. lol, interesting quiz but they mention nothing about homeschooling…lol Seriously though, i ‘matched’ with Clinton, Obama, and Richardson 80%. I need to get on the stick and start really reading about all these people…ACK!

  2. You know, I got Mitt Romney as first and Ron Paul was much further down……and that’s who I was planning on voting on. They didn’t cover all the issues I was interested in, so it really wans’t a fair representation.

  3. I didn’t even KNOW the guys I got in the first line up, but yeah, it was basically flipped from yours. I think partly because I look at my life and say “Who the hell cares? I need more than two hours of sleep to care about this crap.”

    Anyway. Issues are issues. I need to get off my ass and decide 1) who sounds good, 2) who looks like they’ll actually follow through and 3) who can actually get voted in. 🙂

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