Bede’s color words


Bede wrote these at my parents’ house tonight. Notice that the colors match the words, and some are in Spanish (rojo and azul, at least? maybe more) as well as English.

He wasn’t copying the names on the crayons either, some of those were names like “burnt sienna” and the like.

Laptop battery dying…

6 thoughts on “Bede’s color words

  1. That is really cool. On a funny note, the dr who dx Zane noticed that he doesn’t have the dividing line that designates English and Spanish and used them together too. She said it is the first time she can ever remember recommending against bilingual education. (assuming he was going to typical classroom then). I love that Bede shows the same propensity.

    Baby dropping sounds so exciting! Here’s to an easy labor and a blessed birth my friend.

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