baby dropped!

Last night, I woke up at some late time (I don’t keep a clock in the bedroom) in the midst of a contraction. I dozed off after it was over, but woke up again a few minutes later. This continued for about an hour and a half, by my estimate, then I slept normally.

I woke up near dawn to use the bathroom and discovered the following: no heartburn (yay!) no huffing and puffing from a little bum shoved into my diaphragm (yay!) a bladder approximately the size of a teaspoon (boo!) and a little noggin shoved firmly into my pelvis like a cantaloupe!

Progress is my middle name.

8 thoughts on “baby dropped!

  1. YAY! You *know* you need to have someone call a Tribe member when Lil’ Miss or Lil’ Mister joins the Gleeson universe exterior of utero! I am soooo excited and can’t wait to hear/read your birth story when you are ready to share. Love to you all!

  2. Well, I am so out of it, I have been missing your blog. Now I will put you in my bloglines so I can keep up with your every growing family. And, y’know, your charm and sparkling wit and all that other great stuff. xxxoooxxxooo

    (email me if you want any of my knitting patterns to fool with. xo)

  3. I have so many presents for you as soon as my lazy ass gets to the post office… this post made me realize that that needs to happen soon!

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