heavy work

Trixie is pushing the dining room chairs around the living room. She likes them to be resistant to her pushing, so she lines three of them up together and pushes them like a train. She also likes to lift the futon mattress. I got a couple bags of yarn from a friend who got them at an estate sale, and Trixie is also dragging them around.

Ladies and gents, we have another sensory sort of kid in the family.

Bede’s our prime example: dislikes clothing, loves water, craves muddy/slimy textures but hates dirty hands, runs in circles, likes jumping and rough and tumble play. All of those things to a great extreme not seen in a typical four-year-old. Mostly sensory seeking with some avoidance.

Then there’s my sweet Abby: mildly claustrophobic, hates tight clothing, closing her eyes, kisses and other light touch, hair washing. Likes being held, but not restrained. Mostly avoidant.

And now the Trix. Wonder what else will pop up? Ah, parenting…

5 thoughts on “heavy work

  1. I’m not as ‘heavy duty’ as I once was, but I distinctly remember putting heavy objects in their back packs for similar reasons…..they took them off of course.

  2. rotfl…I remember it was such a surprise for Josh to get a dx of DSI. “But…Bre has that, and she’s completely opposite!” “Yep” said Dr Mobley, “much fun, isn’t it?” Then Emily, and Sam, I was so grateful for Rachel and Dan wearing all the clothes no one else will touch.

    The best thing about having kids on the sensory scale, is finally I am absolved all my own sensory weirdness. Abby sounds much like me…only I’m exTREMEly claustrophobic, light touch avoidant, and baggy clothes are my friend.

    Go Trixie!

  3. having a kids with special SI needs makes you really think about SI needs in everyone doesn’t it? now I see kids doing things in public and I think “I know why he likes that!” I only wish I could point that out to people you know? I personally have many sensory needs. every night when I am tired I run my head and scratch my own back… I’m obsessed with the smell of things (sean calls me “super sniffer”) and I steal Eva’s silky blanket to rub… (yes I steal my child’s blankie – I’m horrible like that.) the list goes on… I never would have thought of it before Eva. it just changes the way I think about human behaviour.

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