New year, let’s see

We started the year with champagne and fireworks. Sean and the six older kids trooped out at 11:58, coats over pajamas and sockless feet hastily shoved in shoes. I remained inside where it was warm, I mean, in case one of the babies woke up. Then champagne for all and to bed, or in my case and Sean’s, an episode of everyone’s favorite alter-Nazi history show, The Man in the High Castle. 

I was tired when Clementine woke me at 7:21. Sweet Sean got up with her and I slept another hour and a half. An excellent beginning to 2017.

2 thoughts on “New year, let’s see

    • Night Phoebe stayed up too late watching it last night, to Morning Phoebe’s distress.

      Looking through you might think I only have him – but it’s because he’s such an easy target. And really cute 🙂

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