High tide ahead – The Hero’s Journey, perhaps more?

I have plans for the homeschool year! I’m going with Oak Meadow again. We last used them about 3 or 4 years ago, for the American History year. It went well. I don’t know why I stopped, probably expense? Because it is expensive, no lie.

So far I have the teens socked away. The Hero’s Journey, a freshman/sophomore English. It’ll be spiff!


I need to get the texts to go with it though. Oak Meadow offers them as a package deal but I can get them cheaper if I dig around. I’ve ordered the first two books they’ll need, House of Light, by Mary Oliver and The House of the Scorpion, by Nancy Farmer. If they just loathe it I’ll be out a few bucks, not $75.

The program calls for a journal as well, for which I have ordered these sketch diaries. We’ve bought these before for the little kids to use for sketchbooks. They are nice, sturdy sketchbooks and will suffice for the girls to journal in. Faith is quite particular about her artist sketchbooks, but I think she will tolerate these for an all-purpose journal.

Now I need to decide if I want to use Oak Meadow for Gilbert and Trixie. I’m leaning toward OM Year Four, but it’s (ugh!) over four hundred dollars. Now, that’s for every subject, and I’d use it with two kids. So, not entirely awful, just a big expense to begin with. But then there’s Gloria, who can’t be shoehorned in with Gil and Trix, and probably would benefit the most from OM Year One. Another $300+. Youch!

I can see why people use virtual charter schools with a curriculum allowance. I’m just not yet willing to part with my educational independence for filthy lucre.