Day 8

Day 8! Wow. I’m impressed with myself.

It’s not easier, exactly, but, in the words of my friend Tabitha, “it’s less worse.” I see how the next level will be needed because if I kept this level up for more than ten days I’d stop working as hard.

I’m still scared of level 2.

It’s supposed to snow next week, which has my children excited. I’ve been frantically finishing mittens so they can play in the snow. The snow is supposed to hit Tuesday, so we’ll see if I make it. I have two and a half mittens to go.

day 2

Day 2. A little easier. The jump rope style bouncing eats my calf muscles. Ow! The reading I’ve done says that this thing burns 225-250 calories in 20 minutes! Hot diggity.

I baked bread today. I was going to make sourdough but I didn’t allow enough time.

I’m pretty boring! I just wanted to log that I Shredded.


I did Level 1 of the Shred today. I’d say I learned I’m weak as a kitten, but that would be insulting to kittens who I’m sure they are much stronger than I am.

Both Bede and Gloria (who is three today!) were very distressed by the whole affair. I think they were freaked out. I persevered and they seem recovered now. With any luck they won’t mind it so much as I continue.

The hardest things were jumping in place as If I were jumping rope and also the push ups. My abs aren’t as trashed as I thought, yay!

I’m going to stick with Level 1 for a while. Dude.