I went to a big Regional Fighter Practice today and got authorized to fight rapier! Woo! Sean cam e with me, as did Faith, and the rest of the Glees hung out with my mom. Sean got to put a trebuchet together, then realize it was unusable due to a hardware failure, then went to get the parts to fix it and then he fixed it! Because he’s smart, see. He also shot a crossbow!

Faith spent her time hanging with a girl named Natalie and building elaborate waterworks by the pond onsite. Then some jerky older boys came along and destroyed their stuff! Grr! Faith has had very limited exposure to that bane of children everywhere, the Common Bully. She was angry but relatively unruffled by the time she told me about it.

I’m sunburned and happy. Now on to armor/garb.

embarrassingly enthusiastic

I’m such a dork about this fencing stuff, I know.

So practice went well. I used dagger and rapier this time instead of rapier alone. The dagger is used for defense and offense and I liked it. Not that I did especially well with it or anything. I have a hard time telling where it is in my hand, so I would parry with the flat instead of the edge.

My rapier and blunts came. I love my rapier very much.

updated musings

My rapier will be here tomorrow! I hope it gets here in ime for me to bring it to practice tomorrow evening. I probably can’t use it to spar with, because I don’t have a safety blunt for the tip, but I want to show it off anyway.

I have been reading Agrippa and Capo Ferro and studying their diagrams. And watching rapier videos aon YouTube. I am struck (har har) by the elegance and inevitability of the moves, countermoves, and counter-counter moves. (there are actual names for them, I can’t remember or don’t quite understand yet.) The way it all goes together, like a sonnet or like a chess match.

I also ordered a mask.