Birth news. In a game changing move, I will be having a C-section on Monday because of a number of reasons: Malcolm is measuring 3+ weeks ahead on every metric, my uterus is also measuring big, I have a history of quite large, "sticky" babies, I'm old, I had gestational diabetes this time, and that contributed to his bigly tendencies. I am concerned that I won't be able to give birth vaginally. In fact the idea terrifies me, and in a way I have never felt in my many, many pregnancies. I respect that, and so does my birth team of doula, midwife and doctor. Go with your gut here, they told me. What do you think? I opted to transfer to obstetrics, and requested the C-section. I'd rather have a planned surgical delivery than an emergency section. If he turns out to be a little 8 pounder I'll look silly. That's ok. I'm pretty silly already. Even though in nine previous babies I've never had so much as an epidural, I'm not nervous about the surgery. But I don't like the idea of being away from my kids for days 🙁 Other than that I'm feeling great about the decision. So that's that! Please pray for us all
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