testing, earthly remains

Yesterday Gil and Trixie started their California Achievement Tests. They are both doing well. Trixie was convinced that she was unintelligent because she didn’t know every single answer, but seeing how she did in the percentile score cheered her up (99th percentile for spelling, her Bugga would be proud.) Gilbert was a bit dismayed that he didn’t know some grammatical terms but even though he had to educated-guess on a few questions he still managed a 98th percentile. He thought that was so funny. He said, “I guess most seventh graders speak solely in memes and emoji.”

These are kids who have had no formal language arts study. It’s all being read to when little (and big) and reading stuff themselves. And quite a few rounds of Mad Libs. Unschooling for the win.

I went to the funeral home to get Mom’s Viking remains, as the kids call them. They are surprisingly heavy. We have a family plot at an OKC cemetery and I want to get both Mom and Dad in the ground there. I’ll look into that soon. No rush.

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