Dinner for the week 2-18 to 2-24

Sunday: Meatball subs

Monday: Glazed leg quarters in the Instant Pot, then popped under the broiler.

Tuesday: Pork tenderloin with broccoli and possibly sweet potatoes

Wednesday (Ember Day of Lent): Pasta and sauce

Thursday: Loaded cauliflower casserole

Friday (Ember Day of Lent): Eggs and potatoes

Saturday (Ember Day of Lent): Bean burritos

Meal planning is going well as you see. This week has three meatless days, which about takes the cake for my versatility and crowd pleasing options. The Ember Days are seasonal days of fasting and abstinence, and for the first time in many years my calendar doesn’t have them! I’m irked. Of course, everyone is meatless on Fridays since it’s Lent, anyway, though we keep fasting Friday year round.

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